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    The meaning of a clause in an Association's constituion

    I have come across the following sentences in a constitution of an association:

    "3.1 The organization of the Association shall consist of a General Assembly and an Executive Committee."

    "3.2 The General Assembly shall be the highest authority of the Association and be composed of all the Members of the Association. When the General Assembly is in recess, all matters of the Association shall be conducted by the Executive Committee."

    In another chapter of the same paper, it further relates that there are two kinds of meeting, known as "Annual General Meeting" and Extraordinary General Meeting", under the category of "General Assembly". Here, my understandiang is "Annual General Meeting" is one part of the "General Assembly".

    However, what makes me confused is the wording in the later clause. It reads,
    "6.8 The General Assembly of the Annual General Meeting shall appoint an Honorary Auditor who shall audit at least once a year the accounts of the Association with the financial year ending 30th September."
    Should it be rewritten as this:

    "The General Assembly's Annual General Meeting shall appoint......" or what?

    Under these circumstances, could you tell me what the genuine meaning of the clause 6.8 is?

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: The meaning of a clause in an Association's constituion

    The General Assembly is all the members of the association. At the Annual General Meeting, all those members of the association present at the meeting will appoint the auditor.

    The two terms are not related.

    General Assembly > "general" = affecting or concerning all or most people or things "assembly" = a body with powers to make decisions and laws. So all the members have the power as a group to make decisions.

    Annual General Meeting says that the meeting is open to everyone.

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