Atul continued...
``Afterwards I kidnapped Vivek through hired kidnappers... Therefore next three days Anjali could not get his mail. Using image processing software I had prepared all possible romance positions of Anjali and Vivek in the hotel. Whatever I saw in the suit , the photographs taken on the beach, photographs they sent to each other and the photographs of the empty suit proved useful for this purpose. And then I demanded the ransom of fifty lakhs. In front of Vivek I was successful in making him, believing that Anjali's relatives had kidnapped him to warn him to stop their affair, so that he should abandon the thought of marrying Anjali. Through Vivek's mailbox I also sent mails to his friends that he has gone to his relative for a week. I also sent Vivek an email through Anjali's mailbox. I wrote in the mail that he should forget her, and its better for both of their futures. When Vivek was under kidnap, he was provided with a laptop. He was permitted to check his mails, but not to write. I used to decide, in advance, which mails are to be kept in his mailbox and which are to be deleted. On eighth day I once again demanded her a ransom of ten lakhs. And without any hesitation, she agreed. I got a doubt and I discontinued all contacts with her. I released Vivek immediately, warning him that if he try to contact Anjali, it will not be good for both of them."
Inspector Kawaljeet instructed one of his assistants to take away Atul from the stage.
`` Now I request Inspector Kawaljeet to tell the audience, how he found the kidnapper ... and in his investigation lead to Atul..'' the announcer announced.
Inspector came on the dais and said in the microphone `` I think it will be better and more appropriate if Anjali tell the rest of the story''. He handed over the mike to Anjali.