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    Question I am wondering about something

    It has been a while since i posted a question in this section.
    I'm just wondering if there is a secntific defintion or a theory for saying a word instead of other. In other words, a person may say a word while he should say other word. For example, I might say " she is a bald lady" instead of the word bold. These two words have similiar sounds. Some people say words that are not related to the conversation or logic. For example, I know a person who asked once " Can you put the ship in the fridge?". He wanted to say " the milk" but he said "the ship" instead, and this question obviously is not a logic one. And the person who said that probably saw a ship on T.V. or something like that. Are these kind of mistakes related to brain?
    Well, I hope my point is clear to you because i am thinking about looking for this problem.
    By the way, I want to thank Mr.Tdol and Mr.C ( i'll call Mr. C if you don't mind) for their major help.

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    Re: I am wondering about something

    Known as "spoonerisms", and named after the Rev. William Spooner of Oxford.

    Spoonerism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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