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Thread: A breaking dam?

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    A breaking dam?

    I believe I heard someone use the phrase "the ... (not sure what was here) that causes the dam to break" a while ago, and I understood it's meaning--sort of similar to the last straw--but I can't find anything about this phrase on the internet. I was wondering has anyone around here ever heard it? And would you happen to know what's the correct usage? Help would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: A breaking dam?

    I've heard "dam" metaphors used in connection with emotion---the "dam breaks" and the pent-up emotion in a person is expressed, usually with crying. (Perhaps the connection is all that water? :)) There isn't any standard "correct usage" as far as I know, just the description of a dam in various stages of stability (breaking, about to break, broken with water pouring through in a great flood, etc.) used metaphorically.

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