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Thread: orator's jaw

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    orator's jaw

    Back to Edith Wharton's novel Summer. I was wondering about the expression an orator's jaw in the following excerpt:

    'As he stood there before her, unwieldy, shabby, disordered, the purple veins
    distorting the hands he pressed against the desk, and his long orator's
    jaw trembling with the effort of his avowal, he seemed like a hideous
    parody of the fatherly old man she had always known.'

    If a jaw is said to be long, what exactly does it look like? Is it protruding, strong, or simply long, i.e. almost caricature-like? And why would an orator have an especially long jaw?

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    Re: orator's jaw

    I would think of an orator's jaw as being firm, which contrasts with his behavious now.


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