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    street Show phonetics
    noun [C]
    a road in a city, town or village which has buildings that are usually close together along one or both sides:

    As you see the dictionary meaning, the street should have buildings on both sides or at least one side. But in this link, there is a street where there is no buidlings on either side. So I am a bit confused. Could you help me?

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    Re: street

    The picture is of a highway, an interstate highway, not a street.

    interstate highway, interstate highways- WordWeb dictionary definition
    Noun: interstate highway
    One of the system of highways linking major cities in the 48 contiguous states of the United States

    Does that help?

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    Re: street

    It's always been amusing to me that Alaska and Hawaii have interstate highways too. (It has something to do with how they are funded, not what they link up to.)

    But this is interesting. I never differentiated "road" from "street" before, associating buildings on one or both sides with the latter.

    I guess instinctively, I would not call an interstate a street, but what about, for example, a road that ran along a golf course without any houses or buildings -- would anyone call that a street.

    What do other native speakers say?

    [writer, not teacher]

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