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    GRE prep

    I am preparing a native Spanish speaker for the GRE. The student's vocabulary is very good for a non-native speaker, but the GRE contains some vocabulary of a different level. Appart from slowly studying the 1100 word list on this site, does anyone have suggestions?

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    Re: GRE prep


    I just wrote my GRE exam and got a 800 Q and 750 Verbal. I'm so happy with my score!! I'm not writing to brag, I just want to let you in on how I studied for this exam. First off, I was quite serious and was determined to succeed. This is basically what I used to study and prepare for this exam.

    1. kaplan, GRE exam book Premier Program
    2. Princeton review, cracking the GRE
    3. // Online GRE Preparation (this site is so awesome!!) It had many practice CATs that were representative of the real GRE exam, plus they had an awesome flash card program and verbal and math exercises! I would really recommend taking a look at this site.

    Good luck hope this info helps

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