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    Use of "Re:"


    What is there a current or recommended use of "regarding"... where it should be placed, abbreviation/capitalization (Re:, RE:, re:), capitalization of actual subject line (Re: Status or Parts Order, or Re: Status of parts order, or Re: status of parts order), etc. The last I checked, the most up to date use was as follows. Would greatly appreciate opinions or resolution,




    Dear Mr. Jones:

    Re: Status of Parts Order Number 123456 Placed January, 2007

    We placed this order for 100 widgets on January 15, 2007, but have not yet received the items. Will you kindly check...



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    Re: Use of "Re:"

    First, capitalize the first letter of Re. It's not an abbreviation or an acronym; it's short for in re, a Latin term meaning in this matter. Second, if you're using Re to begin a reference line, then place it one or two lines below the date:



    Re: <what this letter refers to>

    Dear ...

    Does that help?

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    Formal Letter

    What Does Re: Stand For In Letters?

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    Re: Formal Letter

    I believe it is short for "Regarding" but it could also be short for "Reference."

    One place I worked had "Subj:" for subject, and used "Re:" if there had been previous documentation or corresondence on the topic.

    Other places simply use "Re:" to introduce the subject of the letters.

    [a writer, not a teacher]

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    Re: Formal Letter

    I have also encountered Re: in formal letters, with the meaning of regarding (....).


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