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    is it right ??

    in the order of descriptive adjectives

    is it right to say
    i've a nice gold ring ?

    and whats right to say gold ring or golden and whats the different between them ?


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    Re: is it right ??

    The contraction "I've" for "I have" is used when "have" is being used as a helping or auxiliary verb.

    Don't use "I've" when "have" is the main verb. (At least, that's how it works in American English.) "I've a ring" or "I've two brothers" are not idiomatic (American) English.

    A gold ring is made of gold. A golden ring is gold in color. It may or may not be made out of actual gold.

    This doesn't seem to apply to things other than jewelry or items that could actually me made out of gold. You can say you have a new gold rug or a gold couch, and mean only the color.

    Please note that sentences should start with a capital letter.

    [a writer, not a teacher]


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