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    Would you please check my letters?

    Hello everyone!!! I was given two written assignments yesterday and I made them yesterday at night. I was wondering if you could check if they are right, I often have problems with prepositions.

    (transantiago is a chilean transportation system)

    Dear Valentina,

    Thanks so much for your beautiful postcard.

    I just finished unpacking the last boxes so this is really a great time to write you this letter. I really miss all your jokes, and I need them. Are you even having fun without me?

    Yesterday it was a wonderful day, because it was my first day at work. The children were amazing and very curious about the place I came from. My colleagues were very nice and we talked for hours in the cafeteria. The commuting was a bit uncomfortable because there were so many people, but it’s really fast. Better than transantiago, really.

    The house is beautiful, with all that low-level furniture and stuff. Of course I added a bit of my western touch to the decoration so I can feel home.

    The language is harder than I thought. Not the speaking, anyway. But the writing is a pain! There are thousands of symbols to learn, but not enough time to do it.

    I really miss you; nothing’s the same without you. I hope your husband and your children are fine too. I miss them! Send them love. I’m really looking forward to your visit at the beginning of next year.

    Anyway, that’s about it for the moment. Look after yourself and keep in touch.


    PS Send me some pictures!

    Here goes the second

    Dear Claudia,

    How are you doing? I haven’t heard from you in ages. Last week Barbara and I had a wonderful, but also terrifying experience.

    Barbara and I went to “Funcenter”, well, to have fun. We had just finished last semester and we wanted to do something different from what we did last month. We decided to go to the “Haunted House”. While we were in the “Haunted House” we started talking and making jokes to the “monsters”. They were trying to be scary; however, they couldn’t, because they just wanted to laugh. Well, they found us so interesting (don’t ask) that they offered us a job. We were really shocked by the proposition, we accepted, though. It’s only a 10 hours a day job. However, it’s only one day a week.

    We’re starting tomorrow. We’re really looking forward for this job. It looks really fun. Well, from tomorrow on, I’m no longer Carlos, but Frankenstein.

    Have a nice day!


    I Really Hope you can help me, because I don't know how to fix them anymore! Thanks!

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    Re: Would you please check my letters?

    the decoration so I can feel at home

    Send them love >> Please give them my love

    Though we were really shocked by the proposition, we accepted. It’s a 10 hours a day job but it’s only one day a week.

    Otherwise they look fine

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