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  1. HangmaN

    Sentence Stress for all

    Find the stressed words in each sentence:

    Example: My friend is English. my FRIEND is ENGLISH.

    1 Do you like coffee?
    2 Would you like a coffee?
    3 I think he wants to go.
    4 I don't think so.
    5 London is the capital of Britain.
    6 Have you ever seen this film?
    7 Where can we go?

    good lock

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    Re: Sentence Stress for all

    Aside from the kind of stress that changes the meaning of a sentence (e.g., I asked YOU to buy the flowers, not Max vs. I asked you TO BUY the flowers, not to steal them) sentence stress applies to these categories: nouns, main verbs (except to be verbs, e.g., is, was, and so on), adjectives, adverbs (including negative not) and question words. Categories that are not stressed are pronouns, prepositions, articles, conjunctions, to be verbs, and auxiliary verbs.

    Does that help?

    Good luck, not lock.

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