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Thread: black bowed

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    Smile black bowed

    Hello.What's the meaning of underlined expresion?
    The man in black bowed once to the crowd and disappeared.

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    Re: black bowed

    The underlined expression doesn't mean anything. However:
    The man in black - the man wearing black
    bowed - bent over at the waist
    once - one time
    to the crowd - in the direction of the crowd
    and disappeared - he left

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    Re: black bowed

    As RonBee's reply shows, "black" has nothing to do with "bowed" in this context; and the "bowed" has the diphthong /aʊ/ (as in "how"). Another context would allow another meaning - "wearing a black bow": "He followed the little black-bowed girl." Here, the diphthong is /ǝʊ/ (as in "oh").


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