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    Please help me with my letter.

    Dear Ms xxxx,


    As the mentioned above, I xxx xxx xxx of NIRC No: xxxxx-xx-xx would like to request to re-continue my LCCI-DIBS

    I fail to attend the course on 2006 intake due to my work schedule was unpredictable and mostly outstation. I have quit this job and join another Company, which I could work at home. Now I could arrange my time more flexible.

    (How to end my letter?)

    Your Sincerely,



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    Re: Please help me with my letter.

    Subject: Request to resume my LCCI_DIBS
    Referemce # NIRC No: xxxxx-xx-xx

    With reference to the above subject, I hope you will reconsider my request to resume my LCCI-DIBS course.

    I could not attend the course during the scheduled year 2006 due to my work schedule at my office was unpredictable and mostly I went out of station. Now, I have quit this job and have joined a new company that permits me to work from home.

    Now, I am able to find some free time and would like to pursue my LCCI-DIBS course.

    I am hopeful that you would re-consider my request to rejoin this course. Thanking you in anticipation,

    Sincerely yours,

    Xxxxx ( your name).

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