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    Hi! I know that you don't do homework, but I already did it I just want someone to correct my letter please! Thank you!

    Dears Wilsons,

    First of all, I'd like to tell you how much (à quel point?) I'm glad to have been chosen by your family and I thank you. I'm very delighted and pleased. "Suite à votre lettre"(je n'ose pas le traduire à ma façon lol), in which you introduced yourselves in such a lovely way that I'd like to do as well. So my name is XxX and my first name is [...] but most of my friends call me "[...]". I'm teenager of fifteen years old in "seconde"(Y a t-il un autre nom pour second en anglais? Je sais que les niveau ne sont pas pareil que chez nous). I'm one meter and seveny-six high, so you can guess that I have an average height, with black straight hair cut? (coiffé) with punk style(ça se dit?). I look like a hedgehod as many of my friends. That's what we like though(d'ailleurs?). I have light-brown eyes and if you look me straight in the eye, you'll notice taht I'm a little bit cross-eyed(je louche un peu). People tell me that it has its charm. I have an eagle-like nose(aquilin?) and I'm a teenager of average build neither strong nor thin, with a flimsy corpulence though. With all these points, I can't say I'm handsome nor ugly. About my clothes, I like wearing fashionable clothes as well as being trendy and somehow unique. I don't like being dressed as someone else. I'm not really for big brands name (althought they are most of the time the best) and it happens taht I wear brandless T-shirts but with cool designs. I hate trousers and above all (par dessus tout?) "jeans". I prefer shorts in which I feel free. I'm not really fond of dockers. Nevertheless, I have bought some. What I'm crazy about are jewellery such as bracelets, neckglaces and so on. I wear glasses that match my look well. And to finish my broad array (panoplie) of clothes in my wardrobe, I like caps, without which I would constantly have sunburns.
    Otherwise I'm most of the time cheerful, not so bright (try not to drown with all my homeworks) but lively though. I'm all the more narrow-minded since I don't always listen to the other's words especially when it's presented to be a bind for me (Je suis d'autant plus borné quand il s'agit d'écouter ce que les autres me disent surtout si c'est uen contrainte pour moi). I'm "plus ou moins" (more or less?) ambitious and optimistic since I care about my futur. I can't say I'm a clever boy nor a daft one. I hestimate that I have a good tempered, am funny (I can't help doing jokes (not dark humour) even if sometimes I'm the only one to laugh, nice (like to make friends), although I know when to be serious. I'm also sociable and easy going. I'm kind and helpful. I like helping people when they ask me so long as it's a good cause. I'm not that talkative but rather shy. I'm keen on roller coasters and I wonder if there were such things in Ottawa. One last thing about me is that I'm scared to death about spiders but crazy about pets. What about you? Do you like pets? I noticed that you had a dog. What other pets do you have?
    Regarding to my little family, I have one elder sister called XxX. She's got seventeen, and she's rather enjoyable and amusing. She loves listening to the music and much more pets than I do. She kind of likes drawing too. We get on well. She has just got her baccalaureate and she's about to to medical study. About my parents... what can I say but (à part?) they are lovely. My mother is keen on doing the garden while my father look for things more technical such as handiwork. My mother work at a bank near our house and my father is a teacher.
    I live in a peaceful mountain where nature domine. I love my house which is rather big with two floors. My bedroom is at the second one and by my uppertier (balcon), I have an astonishing sight over my town and the sea in the background (I like watching the sunset, the sun vanish in the sea). It's really beautiful. We've got 3 bedrooms and a garden. Nature always fascinated me. Is there any natural park or stuffs like that? (est-ce que stuff est familer?).
    I'm found of sport. I noticed that there were a lot of sports activities in Ottawa. I do some martial arts and I love that. I used to did track and field(athltisme) and swimming. Is there any stadium near there, where I could run? I played piano too but it's not really for me. But what I like the most is my Personal Computer with which I play the most or chat with my friends to relaxe myself from the hard day I had, while listening to my music. I wish to be a doctor in my futur.
    The root cause of my choise about Ottawa is that I've already been there (only once but it was enough to make me feel in love with it) and I always promised myself to come back a day (un jour ou l'autre?). Otherwise I hope you'll make me visit your city and make me learn plenty things about your culture but also about yourselves. Ottawa is one of my favorite country . Besides, I heard that Ottawa was a touristic country and that the quality of the life was rather good. However, is (are?) there any cultural buildings such as museums? And is it cold in summer.
    The photos you sent me are so beautiful. It allows me to make an idea about your enviromment and what I saw is exactly what I was looking for. I love the fact that your house is surrounded by a lot of trees and the fact that you can meet wild animals such as mooses, racoons, squirels, foxes. They don't exist in my country and that's why I never saw any of them. What's more, you've got a lake just minutes away, which add loveliness to the landscape. That's one more thing that permited me to choose Ottawa. You are so fray into nature. I love that.
    The main interest about this linguistic trip (voyage linguistique?) is to improve my English which I lve. It allows me to meet new people and make new friends. It also allows me to discover new countries, share ours cultures and so on. Precisely, in your second letter, I was so glad to hear that Jennifer speak French too. It will be much easier for us in case of we don't understand each others. But the most important is to have fun and that's why I'm dying to try activities that Ottawa have such as Adventure Tours or simply go for a walk.
    Thank you for agreeing to meet me. It's really nice of you and I really feel like coming right now. I can't wait until summer comes. With all of that, I'm pretty sure taht we'll get on well.

    Can you give me some polite form for the end of my letter? Thank you!

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    Re: Letter

    Welcome to the forums!

    Firstly, you say you have done your homework and only want someone to correct it - but you have left French phrases in it. You must make the effort to find a suitable phrase in English.

    Secondly, please read your work before posting it. There are misspellings which look like carelessness.

    Thirdly, redo this, breaking it into reasonable paragraphs, sorting out your French to English phrases, and making sure you have read it through properly.

    Then we might be able to help

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