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    to do something otherwise

    Suppose I posted a thread asking meaning for some word; let take a example "girlfriend"; but you overlooked the original question and you gave the meaning of "boyfriend" instead of "girlfriend". i.e. overlooked means to do something unintentionally.

    But I wonder what the word which means to do something otherwise intentionally e.g. I posted a thread asking meaning for the word "Dentist" and "Doctor"; but the moderator/member who answered me explained only the meaning of "Dentist"; but he didn't explain about the doctor though he know I asked for the meaning of "doctor" also because he thought that is silly question. So here it means "to do something intentionally". Could you give me the word?

    Please help me.

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    Re: to do something otherwise

    Intentionally works; e.g., he didn't answer my 2nd question, intentionally.


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