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    English Preposition Paragraph Exercise

    Put ONE suitable word in each of the following blanks.

    The Romans had many GODS and goddesses. Their gods and GODDESSES for the most part were really the same as those of the Greek mythology GODS. But the Romans as a rule gave them different NAMES.

    We hear Roman names used much MORE often than the Greek ones. The Greeks FOR instance, called their God of War Ares, but he is usually KNOWN by his Roman name Mars. The same applies to the OTHER gods and goddesses.

    We know the names of MOST of the Roman gods and goddesses very well as well as NAMES of the planets NAMED after them. Naming the planets after THE gods began long TIME. Some of the planets were not discovered till WHEN the telescope was invented. But scientists have kept on giving PLANETS the name of the Roman and Greek gods.

    Jupiter was the BIGGEST of the gods. He threw THE thunderbolts from the heavens when he was angry. It is not surprising THAT the biggest of ALL the planets in our solar SYSTEM is named Jupiter.

    Can someone please give me feedback regard this exercise, thank you all very much for your help

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    Re: English Preposition Paragraph Exercise

    Greek mythology GODS- 'those' refers to the gods, so I would use something like 'tales'
    began long TIME- long ago

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    Re: English Preposition Paragraph Exercise

    Thank you very much Tdol for your feedback

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