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    i am very confused with the use of "DO" , besides being a verb . Please explain to me when can i use do in a sentence.

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    From Helping and Modal Auxiliary Verbs
    Emphatic do has many uses in English.

    To add emphasis to an entire sentence: "He does like spinach. He really does!"
    To add emphasis to an imperative: "Do come in." (actually softens the command)
    To add emphasis to a frequency adverb: "He never did understand his father." "She always does manage to hurt her mother's feelings."
    To contradict a negative statement: "You didn't do your homework, did you?" "Oh, but I did finish it."
    To ask a clarifying question about a previous negative statement: "Ridwell didn't take the tools." "Then who did take the tools?"
    To indicate a strong concession: "Although the Clintons denied any wrong-doing, they did return some of the gifts."

    In the absence of other modal auxiliaries, a form of do is used in question and negative constructions known as the get passive:

    Did Rinaldo get selected by the committee?
    The audience didn't get riled up by the politician.

    Try here also: Kibbitzer 42. Emphatic 'do'.. It says, "The Emphatic Do quite often causes difficulties for learners of English. Those difficulties can best be avoided by thinking of it as having a contrastive meaning, as shown by the following citations."

    And here too:Modals and auxiliary verbs in English. Go to Auxiliary do, Range of forms, Nonfinite contexts, and Do support contexts.

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