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    I have a question.

    126. Celebrity product endorsement are valuable ________ for any companies wishing to boost sales.
    (A) compensation
    (B) productivity
    (C) growths
    (D) tools

    The answer is D
    I don't know why.
    I don't the meaning of 'celebrity product endorsement'
    what does it mean?
    thank you for your help.

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    Re: I have a question.

    When a celebrity says 'This product is amazing and I don't know how I ever managed without it' that's an endorsement. The celebrity probably said something like 'It's amazing how anyone has the effrontery to sell this rubbish. I was much happier before I started using it, but now - much to my regret - I'm addicted.' Then the marketing department got to work, negotiated a few edits (with the agreement of the celebrity's agent), and made it into a tool, that is, something that would help sell the product.

    Give me a stone axe any day - that's what I call a tool.


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    Re: I have a question.

    "Endorse" means to support something with money, words, or even just your opinion, but usually when you have some authority.

    A product endorsement is when someone supports a product (usually verbally). A celebrity product endorsement is a product endorsement by a celebrity.

    The fundamental meaning of "tool" is: something that can be used to do something. e.g.: Books are a tool for learning. (books can be used to learn)
    The internet can be a tool for study. (...can be used for...)

    And of course the other answers are completely inapplicable, even when we shorten the sentence to:"...are valuable _______ for..." only "tools" fits logically (I think).

    And BobK, you missed your calling, your answer elicited quite a few chuckles.

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