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    Namely or as follows?

    The two major benchmarks for tracking North Carolina State University Fellows includes progression through secondary and post-secondary education levels. Namely: (a) frome one grade to the next (i.e., 9th-12th grades), (b) graduation from high school, etc........

    Or should it read:

    ...through secondary and post-secondary education levels as follows: (a)......., (b)


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    Re: Namely or as follows?

    What you list are not truly items which have names, I would say "as follows".

    In my humble opinion "namely" should be reserved for listing things by name. e.g. "There are nine planets in our solar system, namely..." "There are four famous books, namely..."

    Now if the benchmarks had names...

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    Re: Namely or as follows?

    Thank you so much. That certainly makes sense.

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    Re: Namely or as follows?

    You are most welcome.


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