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    how to distinguish verbs

    Hi there,

    I have two questions here
    First, There are a few different kind of verbs in English
    Intransitive verb, Transitive veb, Ditransitive verb, so can you tell me others if there is more and perhaps with some examples.

    second, some verbs have to be followed in "ing" form after certain verbs. for example, "We start working tomorrow", never "we start to work tomorrow"
    and also some verbs must not be followed by another verb in "ing" form. for example, "I want to go there" not "I want going there". Could you tell me what's each verb called and how to distinguish when to use either in "ing" form or not in "ing" form.

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: how to distinguish verbs

    I'll answer your second and third questions.

    In the example provided, working is a gerund, a noun, as is work. Those words do not functions as verbs below, which is why to work doesn't fit:

    [1] We start working tomorrow. <gerund>
    [2] We start work tomorrow. <noun>
    [3] We start to work tomorrow. <to-infinitive>
    [4] We start back to work tomorrow. <to-preposition>

    Want to is a set phrase (e.g., supposed to, have to, going to), which is why -ing doesn't fit:

    [1] I want to go there.
    [2] I want going there.
    [3] I want to going there.

    To requires a base form (i.e., to go), not an inflected form (i.e., *to going).

    Does that help so far?

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    Re: how to distinguish verbs

    Hi Casiopea,

    It really helped and is appreciated very much

    Thank you vbmenu_register("postmenu_203273", true);

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