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    Question Need HELP PLEASE!!!

    How do you find defininition of the suffix?

    I need to find the definition of the suffix able in the word deplorable
    Could you please tell me how to find this information and what it is?

    Thank you !!!

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    Re: Need HELP PLEASE!!!

    There is no "definition" of the suffix "-able"


    A suffix that forms adjectives from verbs and nouns.
    1. That which can be — ed: Enjoyable = that which can be enjoyed.
    2. Giving —; suitable for —: Comfortable = giving comfort.
    3. Inclined to — ed: Peaceable = inclined to peace.
    4. Deserving to be — ed: Lovable = deserving to be loved.
    5. Liable to be — ed: Breakable = liable to be broken.

    deplorable > that which is to be deplored


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