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    I am in a trouble.
    I have a trouble.
    I am in a bad condition.
    I have a bad condition.
    I am in a problem.
    I have a problem.
    I am in a bad situation.
    I have a bad situation.

    Please tell me which of these are correct?

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    Re: be/have

    "I am in a trouble" is never used.
    "I have a trouble" is rarely used - "I have troubles" is more common, but "I am troubled" is most common.
    "I am in a bad condition" is o.k. but means your general health or well-being is poor.
    "I have a bad condition" is o.k but means you have a particular illness like heart disease or something similar.
    "I am in a problem" is never used, but "I have a problem" is fine.
    "I am in a bad situation" is o.k. if you mean you are in a position where things are not as you would like them to be - say, if you were lost in a dangerous place.
    "I have a bad situation" is almost o.k but is usually used by groups - e.g. often in American films you will hear things like, "People, we have a bad situation here" if, say, a dam is about to burst.
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