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    Vooly Voo Fransay

    From The Catcher in the Rye:

    "Before she sang the French girl would say, "And now we like to geeve you our impression of Vooly Voo Fransay. Eet ees the story of a leetle Fransh girl who comes to a beeg cccty, just like New York."

    Does "give you our impression of Vooly Voo Fransay" mean "sing this song titled Vooly Voo Fransay"? Is Vooly Voo Fransay English or French?

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    Re: Vooly Voo Fransay

    Impression could mean rendition: either an interpretation of a musical score or a dramatic piece or a performance of a musical or dramatic work. rendition - definition of rendition by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

    Vooly Voo Fransay is an English way of spelling the French phrase Voulez-vous Franšais, meaning will you French. Whatever that means ... I don't know, but I could speculate if I had to.

    I've never heard a song by that title, so I am not sure it is a real song or if it's just a title the author made up.


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