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    Lightbulb English phrasal verbs

    Phrasal verbs are verbs that consists of a verb and a particle:
    get thought.
    e.g:I tried to phone her but I couldn't get through
    Meaning: I tried to phone her but I coudn't get a connection.
    make out
    e.g:I just can't make Jim out at all
    I just can't understand Jim's behaviour

    Particles are small words which you already know as prepositions or adverbs.Here are some of the most common phrasal verb particles: about ,(a)round,off,at, away,back ,down, for,in,into,on, out,over,through,to,up.
    Source: English Phrasal Verbs in Use

    Let's suggest some phrasal verbs and share our knowledge


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    Re: English phrasal verbs

    Allow for something:to consider or include something when you are making plans or judging a situation

    e.g:We should allow for the fact that he is still only young.


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    Re: English phrasal verbs

    This is very common:

    Hand in- to submit
    She handed in her homework after the class. The teacher crampled it and threw it in the trashcan.

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    Smile Re: English phrasal verbs

    To set aside sth or to set sth aside

    meaning:To use sth especially time and moneyfor one purpose and no other purpose


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    Re: English phrasal verbs

    A verb prhase is usually made up of a verb and one or two prepositions. "The" and "even" are particles as well, but not used in verb phrases. It is technically correct to say "particle" but verb phrases (I believe) only use one type of particle, the preposition, so it would seem more accurate to use this word.

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