This is the first I write in the forum, I hope you can help me as I am taking my proficiency exam in september and I am a disaster when writing and speaking.. I would appreciate it if you could correct my writings. Thank you everybody.

Task: I’ve been doing a course in England for three years and now a friend wants to join it. I have to write a reference letter for him. Thank you! (I attach the short note for my friend in order to be corrected too)

My address without name
27th August 2007
Dr. Flode
College address

Dear Mr. Flode, ((should I write Dr. Flode instead??))

I am writing in response to your letter requiring me to write ((repetitive…)) a reference to John Kino in order to be accepted in --- College.

Having completed the course myself during the last academic year ((or course?? or both??)) I feel that John has plenty of good qualities that, from my point of view ((or standpoint, which is better?)), would help him to complete the whole three-year course if he were to be admitted in the faculty ((remote possibility in order not to seem arrogant??)).

John is an admirable person who was doing a voluntary work in Rwanda for a whole year in 2006. As a consequence of this amazing experience he possess an instinct for ((??)) adaptation, which will help him to learn English quickly achieving the desirable fluently in spite of his low level nowadays. Join this feature to his physical courage, his diligent attitude and his great integrity and you get not only a good student, but also a good partner. Furthermore John is quite out-going and has lived independently for three years so far, what makes improbable that he will manifest the characteristic loneliness and homesickness, which most foreign students suffer from.

By and large, John is a youngster full of intelligence, good manners and willing to learn what will probably help him to succeed in spite of the heavy workload on the course and the frequent exams.

Yours sincerely,

My complete name

My address
27th August 2007
Dear John,

Thank you for your letter but Dr. Flode had already written me personally asking for your reference letter (I send it to you so you can tell me if is right for you).

Don’t worry about asking my help, we’ve been friends for years and I appreciate that you think of me when you need something.

I hope you have good luck, as I’m sure you’d be perfectly able to pass all the exams.

Best wishes,