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Thread: How use "to"

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    How use "to"

    Since I need to prepare a defect list to a project contractor in final stage, but I have a question on the following sentences which is correct / suitable to present the defect item. I would be grateful if someone can help to explain the meaning and usage of the following sentences.
    1.) Serious stained granite to be rectified

    2.) Serious stained granite shall be rectified

    I would be grateful if someone would help to explain the grammar structure for the following. How to use “to”?

    3.) Soil to be backfilled to planter beside pathway to the circular garden to avoid creating danger to users

    4) Effective measures or procedures to prevent restoration of supply to equipment whilst the risk of exposing unprotected live conductors to an explosive atmosphere continues is not provided or in place.

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    Re: How use "to"

    1 & 2 It should be 'seriously/badly'. 1 is not a complete sentence. 3 is fine. 4 is unclear to me.

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