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Thread: To use don't

  1. Ivo

    To use don't

    Hello, I"d like to know if it is normal not pronouncing the sound of "T" of the don't.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: To use don't

    I think not. You must pronounce the T in Ędon┤tĘ. It is pronounced as /dohnt/. And I┤ve read from my English book just last night that we must pronounce clearly every last letter(sound) and every last word in a sentence to be most understandable.

    {just a learner}

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    Re: To use don't

    Additionally, final /t/ is pronounced, but it's not always released. That is, that puff of air that follows a [t] sound isn't always released and that makes don't sound like don --no [t].

    Try it! Pronounce /t/ but don't release that puff of air that follows it.


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