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    degree subjects, does it matter?

    Hi all

    Ive been browsing around the site for a while and Im finding it a great source of info. Im in the process of applying for a Trinity certificate in TESOL and was wondering if it makes any difference to employers what degree subject was studied? Obviously anyone with a language degree would have a great advantage but I have a degree in music. Is it usual for English teachers abroad to not have language degrees?



    ps Its amazing how soon 'grammar paranoia' creeps in when writing on this forum isnt it. LOL

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    Re: degree subjects, does it matter?

    I don't know if that would help you get a job or not. But, It will help you teach a lesson.

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    Re: degree subjects, does it matter?

    It varies from country to country and place to place, but there are many teachers who don't have language degrees.

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