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    Exercise.. Please Help!

    Fill in the blanks in the following passage to complete the story. Use only ONE word in each blank space. (The words in capital are my answers).

    Large cities like New York, Tokyo and Mexico City have enormous problems WITH crowded streets, congested PLACES, and noise and air pollution. These problems could be at LEAST partially alleviated if private cars were not allowed in the centres of these cities on weekdays.

    Every day thousands of vehicles fill the streets of large cities, especially IN rush hours. Very often, the large numbers of vehicles cause so muchcongeston THAT traffic stops. No vehicle can move in SAME direction, and no one can get INTIME. These problems could be eased if vehicles were not allowed on the streets of cities with MANY problems. On the other HAND, people could use public transport or, if necessary, taxis. Traffic would flow much more freely that way, an people could get to their WORK in a reasonable length of time.

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    Re: Exercise.. Please Help!

    Hello Nunudada,

    The first paragraph is fine.

    The second paragraph has 5 errors. In one error, you use a word that doesn't exist in English; one relates to an unidiomatic preposition; one uses a word that would also require a definite article, and so can't be right.

    The remaining two errors, interestingly, create valid sentences; but a better choice of word exists, in the given context.

    If you revise and re-post, someone will be happy to check it again for you!

    All the best,


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