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    Help in writting

    Dear teacher,
    I am very poor in writting ,and all the time I am trying to translate from my orginal language. So please help me to avoide and to improve my performance , especially that i want to set for the IELTS exam Moreover , i want to score high marks.I really appreciate to you this help. Thank you

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    Re: Help in writting

    I think that your writing is not that poor. You only have to practise more. And I think that you are already doing that when you wrote to us.
    However, I think that your writing is rather influenced by your first language.
    A structure like 'I really appreciate to you this help' is a translation of the equivalent in Arabic. Thus the to you here is a result of what we call liguistic interference. A good way to avoid these interferences in the future is to do a lot of reading and try to think in English when writing in English.

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    Re: Help in writting

    Dear I would like to thank you very much , and i hope that I can get more progress while I am with you .Also I hope you to send me any valuable information about English . I will glad to your suggestion . thank you

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