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    request letter

    how to write a request letter to my company ,requesting them to grant me four weeks of annual leave to attend the religious ceremony of my son back home as traditional culture since i cant do it in this country and also my father-in-law and mothet-in-law havent seen my son.This is the first time iam going to show my son back home.

    so kindly tell me how to start a letter and what phrase and words to use and what sentence to use.

    thanking you

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    Re: request letter

    You will need to address this to your immediate Manager: Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms XXXXXX.

    Start with your request:

    This is to request four weeks' leave starting from [date].

    You then need to explain why you require so long. You know what this ceremony is and why it is important, so write what you think you need to say and post it for us to comment on your English.

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