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Thread: morale

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    Is it okay to say " I was in a low morale, or I have a low morale".

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    Check it here:
    Urban Dictionary: Morale


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    Re: morale

    You can have low morale.

    You can also say:

    My morale is low. Their morale was low.


    They suffer from low morale.

    NOTE: You never say "a low morale".

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    Re: morale

    The place where you can use "a low morale" is in a situation such as "There is a low morale amongst the troops after the battering they have received" whre it is "morale" that is being discussed.

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    Re: morale

    But would you say "there is a low morale amongst the troops", or simply "there is low morale amongst the troops"?

    I'd be inclined to say the latter, but I may be wrong.


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