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    i have these 26 sentences to complete,could u please tell which are wrong?

    Gordon Brown vowed to put his principles into practice by demonstrating his commitment to the environment; consequently, the disappointment was palpable a year ago when he failed to increase taxes on large cars and for passengers on overseas flights.

    You don't have to site the origin of the information if you consider this will endanger the source.

    The security system is housed in a steel enclosure which can be mounted anywhere within the tractor or trailer. The system cannot be set accidently, and can only be set when the handbrake is set.

    The contractor undertakes to perform such other services as the advertiser may request from time to time, such as, but not limited to, direct mail advertising, publicity and public relations work, and market analysis.

    Pennsylvania will hold elections for two major offices of state in 2006, for US senator and for governor; jockeying for position has all ready begun.

    Even so, no explanation can possibly excuse what is, at the end of the day, a breathtaking and pathological failure of personal integrity.

    The horse or pony you adopt will need to be fed twice everyday, and if stabled, it will need mucking out once a day.

    The point is, is that society forbids this type of drastic action to be taken.

    Seal shooter Tom Lineham said he was satisfied with the findings, although he felt his organisation could of culled at least 100 more seals without any impact on the herds.

    It is obvious that effective help for this category of refugee must be very difficult because it is to all intense and purposes impossible to think in terms of loans.

    Unfortunately, a hucksterish title and an introductory essay on loosing credibility do a disservice to this broad and serious work's potential readership.

    His impact on the field was initially as book reviewer and critic, with reviews that insisted logical coherency and literary standards applied to science fiction; one infamous review excoriated the work of A.E. van Vogt.

    Motivation and productivity are connected with moral, Chaifetz pointed out. Without it, performance and profits are reduced.

    His attorney, Frank Cikutovich, said he would ask the Washington Supreme Court to revue last week's Appellate Court decision.

    The game becomes repressive (probably controlled by some global conglomerate) and the gamers revolt and effect a change.

    Not only can dim objects not be seen but the bright moonlight quickly fogs photographic film, making photography of deep sky objects impossible.

    His cutting funds for drug treatment in public housing would help the police arrest more addicts.

    John Bull, as the friend and would-be protector of a new state based on the cornerstone of human slavery, is a ludicrous object.

    But could it be that the initial delight is symptomatic of a deep antipathy? And is this part of a long-held tradition?

    This amounts to saying that emotions are active and cognitive states for which we are responsible, rather than irrational and physiological feelings that overcome us against our will.

    Complimentary medicine, a term often used interchangeably with holistic medicine, provides unconventional treatments for a variety of ailments, and is not just for humans.

    Tuckett may chase off his antagonist with huffy indignation but when his widow realises the depth of Lisa’s love, she gives in with all the affectionate memory of a mother who has been there once herself.

    The court has ordered the BSK to pay lost earnings and other compensation due under the country's labour laws. These include gratuities, the cost of return flights, holiday pay and teachers' salaries.

    The tumultuous populous of large cities is ever to be dreaded. Indiscriminate violence prostrates all public authority, and its consequences are sometimes extensive and terrible.

    The document, prepared routinely every two years, says that America’s military mission in the post-war era should be to ensure that no rival superpower is allowed to emerge in Western Europe, Asia or the territory of the former Soviet Union.


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    Re: Baffled!

    We do not do your work for you. It may look daunting, but take them one at a time, try to work out which may be wrong, post your answer and we will help if there is a problem.

    As a guide, look at the last part of the first sentence and work out the use of prepositions.

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