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    what does it mean?

    Hi all,
    I'm translating a text about financial frauds by malwares, and I came across the term "drop sites". Can anyone tell me what does it mean?
    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Re: what does it mean?

    Good gosh. If you want the best results from a question like this, include the entire sentence and for the absolute best results a couple of sentences before and after the word/phrase in question as well as any relevant background that might give clues.

    Seriously, this is standard practice when you take a word/phrase out of context. Tell your friends!

    What does "turn out" mean?

    Could you turn out your pockets?
    I never thought it would turn out to be a party.
    There was quite a good turn out last night.
    Don't forget to turn out the lights when you leave.

    See my point? Words and phrases have all kinds of meanings, not just one, and sometimes (especially in the new age of internet phraseology) people just make one up!

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    Re: what does it mean?

    Thank you, I'm aware the importance of context and stuff, just thought it was a technical expression.

    " Malware drop sites collect sensitive and personally identifiable information; 50 percent of sush sites are hosted in the United States, the report found. The percentage surprised Bransford, who explained that researchers expected to see a higher percentage of these sites in Eastern Europe and Asia. "

    Is it a real expression or not that widely spread? I couldn't find anything related on the web.
    And one more question by the way:

    "A well-designed, road-tested direct mail package represents a cost-effective sales tool all on its own, especially if personalisation is used hand-in- glove with measurable objectives, an effective advertising message, design, special offer or response reward, call to action and, ultimately, the deal closer."

    What is "deal closer" referring to here?
    Again, thanks for any helps, and please tell me, if I'm in the wrong topic or thread.
    Thank you!

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    Re: what does it mean?

    I didn't mean to go on a harangue (sorry), it may indeed be a technical term, I'm pretty sure it is in fact, but the context would also help to determine that.

    A related article writes:

    "...malware drop sites, which collect information from infected computers that use keyloggers, screen scrapers and other approaches to passively harvest sensitive personal information."

    In context it seems to be a site to which this collected information is up/downloaded. But that's just a guess it does seem to indeed be a technical term, along with "malware hosting sites and distribution sites".

    A "deal closer" (to close the deal, not "close" as in "near") is the part of a sales pitch which attempts to get the potential customer (or "mark" as I call them) to sign or buy or "close the deal" by spending or agreeing to spend money in some way. It comes at the end of the sales pitch.

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    Re: what does it mean?

    Malware drop sites collect information from internet accounts/computers that have been infected in some way. It is an accepted term.

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    Re: what does it mean?

    Thank you guys, now it's all clear :)
    Thanks a lot!


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