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Thread: Almost/Nearly

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    I would like to know what's the difference between: ALMOST and NEARLY.
    When I use one or another.

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    Re: Almost/Nearly

    Honestly, there isn't a difference that comes to mind. In my personal lexicon I don't use "nearly" negatively. e.g.

    "He almost failed the exam."
    "He nearly failed the exam."

    "He almost didn't pass."
    "He nearly didn't pass." (x)


    "He is almost never late."
    "He is nearly never late." (x)

    Although, this may be idiosyncratic--my own habit. Note also, these are negative structures, not negative words or ideas.

    "I nearly missed it." is fine.

    Also, "nearly" can be modified: "You very nearly had an accident". "Almost", as far as I know, cannot.

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