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    Listening practice

    How can I improve my listening skill for the TOEFL exam? I feel I need more practice for this task. I have some problems in recognizing the words and taking notes while I'm listening.

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    Re: Listening practice

    Practice is the only way you can improve your skills. I suggest that you listen to the news and songs in English. Songs can help you alot. I suggest that a you take a songs that you like and try to listen to the singer and write down any words that you can get . Then you can look for the lyrics of the song on the NEt and check your words.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Listening practice

    I agree entirely that listening to English and trying to hear the words is valuable. However, I would caution about using songs as a means of building vocabulary as many use words in strange ways. Try to find recorded books or poems to listen to. The advantage is that you may also be able to use the printed text while listening so that you are reading and hearing at the same time.

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    Re: Listening practice

    You're right Anglika. Many songs contain words that are used in 'strange ways' as you say. However, there are many songs that I used with my students and that I find very good for teaching and learning English. 'My heart will go on' is one that I use with my beginner students.

    Using recorded books is good too. Still, 'reading and hearing' a story does not really help practise listening skills. I think that helps more with pronunciation because in this case the learner does need to listen for anything since he has all the text before his eyes.

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    Re: Listening practice

    Thank you for your time and attention. Actually I don't feel such improvement in my listening skill while I've started practicing since two months ago. Anyway, I'll try to do my best. My TOEFL exam is in December.
    Let me ask about the most effective plan I can make over this period.


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