A- Rob and Sofia Craven live in England but they/ plan/move/to California.
A- Rob and Sofia Craven live in England but they are planning to move to California.(Example)

B+ Rob is a cameraman and he is going to work in a film studio there.

C - Sofia is a music teacher, but she is not planning to work for the first few months.

D- They are going to sell their car, but they are not going to sell their house. A friend of theirs is going to rent it.

E- The children are planning to take their dog with them, but Rob and Sofia are planning to leave him in England. They are going to buy another dog in California.

F- In California, Sofia would like to buy a house by the beach, but Rob would rather have an apartment with a big garden. The children would like to live next door to Cameron Diaz!

G- Emily says she would like to have a horse, but Todd would rather get another dog.

H- Emily would like to learn to ride, but Todd would rather learn to surf.
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