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    Help with some ideas

    hi , it's my frist time that i post a message but all the others that were posted here are very interesting and their writers ....welll my doute or problem that i have is...fristly my name is Raquel ,'i'm from Tarija-Bolivia and i'm in my last semester of my carrear ....well for finish and be a teacher of english i have to make a thease in three months ....the problem is that begin my work i have an idea to contribute the society for example the technologie or TIC that some teachers use them to teach and lern english...what do you think about it ??? or maybe the use of games to perfom the vocabulary in an specificaly age of students and level of the english....please help me....i am not sure what can i do doesn't important how easy or complicate will be my work but the important is that this thease would be helpfull
    please give me your ideas
    thanks for reading this message and to help me
    bye bye

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    Re: Help with some ideas

    Hi Raquel , Nice to meet you ,welcome to the forum , i'm sure that you will enjoy it , it is the best

    Choosing a topic is a very difficult process as you need to read more and more , everyday you will find a new thing

    I'm Huda , from Egypt , i prepare M.A. in methodology and really i passed through the stage which you are in and i know that it is very difficult ; try first to choose one of these two topics and concentrate on it , may be i prefer the second one as both vocabulay and games are very rich areas in which you can find many things , you can mingle 2 or 3 games for the same word , it is also encourage co-operative learning in the classroom and has many positive effects , i can help you in that as one of my colleges write his thesis on vocabulary and really it was very good .

    All the best

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    Re: Help with some ideas

    Hi,Raquel,I`m an American English teacher in Buenos Aires,Argentina and I can probably help you.I imagine that you`ve already graduated and started teaching.I also am interested in living in Tarija this summer,and might teach classes there.Please email me at :[email protected],Frank PS.I speak Spanish fluently.

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    Re: Help with some ideas

    This thread is very old. S/He must have made his thease a long time ago...
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    Re: Help with some ideas

    Hi Belkis,you`re right......"must have made"......I hope things are ok in your country....I`ve never been there but I know it`s a fantastic place.....thanks,


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