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    a question on the use of the adverb 'also'

    Dear friends

    Would anyone be so kind as to enlighten me on my query on the use of the adverb ‘also.’

    I used to have the notion that the adverb ‘also’ is used to talk about two ideas which share a similar quality. Hence, I used to produce sentences such as:

    1. My sister is a wonderful housewife. She can clean, iron, cook delicious food; she can also take great care of her husband and kids.
    2. My boss is not only a bad-tempered person, he is also notoriously stingy.

    However, recently, I came across sentences like the following:

    3. Although life in the countryside is very peaceful, it can also be lonely.
    4. While a 5-day week allows office workers an extra day to rest, it can also turn out to be a tiring week if people spend that extra day going to parties instead.

    So, have I been wrong in my previous assumption?


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    Re: a question on the use of the adverb 'also'

    I don't think there is any requirement for sharing qualities. It generally simply means "in addition". All your sentences use the word correctly.

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