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    Finite verbs


    I've been reviewing the definition of finite verbs. To me they look pretty much like verb inflexions. Is there any difference between these two terms? Or are they interchangeable?

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    Re: Finite verbs

    [CAUTION: I am not a teacher:take the advice and or corrections offered in this post at your own risk.
    If you doubt the information, please get a qualified opinion from one of the teachers on these forums.]

    Really, you should view finite verbs not alone, but in respect to their counterparts non-finite verbs (also called verbs in the infinitive form).

    Essentially you could view finite verbs as simply inflected verbs, but in truth they're verbs restricted by something like number or tense.

    Very simple examples:

    We go, they went, She goes (all finite)

    to go (non-finite), this version can be used "more" without changing at all as in: "I want to go" "They had to go" and such, which is why it's not finite or "limited".

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    Re: Finite verbs

    Finite Verbs

    The finite forms of a verb are the forms where the verb shows tense, person or singular plural. Non-finite verb forms have no person, tense or number.
    I go, she goes, he went - These verb forms are finite.

    To go, going - These verb forms are non-finite.
    Finite Verbs

    Non-Finite Verbs

    The non-finite forms of a verb have no tense, person or singular plural. The infinitive and present and past participles are the non-finite parts of a verb; To do; doing; done
    Non-Finite Verbs

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