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  1. Roland25


    Good Morning
    Could you please answer my question.
    Is sentence: 'Wayne can not spell properly' correct or maybe it should be:
    'Wayne can not spell proper'
    Thanks for your answer.

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    Re: proper/properly

    The first is right.

    The second is common, colloquially, but given the context it would be jocular: 'Some people can't even speak proper'. (The joke is that the speaker is giving evidence that he is one of those people.)

    But bare adverbs (without the '-ly') have a respectable history. Read more here: Lessard, Nathalie: The Meaning of the English Adverbial Suffix-ly

    Incidentally, there is a collocation where the bare adverb is the only acceptable form; it's fairly informal. 'I messed up the exam good and proper' (='well and truly').



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