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Thread: Taking notes

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    Taking notes

    Could I ask some tips for taking notes please.

    We will be having an activity in taking notes this month. We will be listening to a recording. We are asked to take notes for us to know the Topic Sentence and the Concluding Sentence. How do you it efficaciously?


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    Re: Taking notes

    [CAUTION: I am not a teacher:take the advice and or corrections offered in this post at your own risk.
    If you doubt the information, please get a qualified opinion from one of the teachers on these forums.]

    Sentences center around basic ideas, and longer speech centers around main ideas. When you are taking notes on speech you should note first the general topic, any times/dates/people introduced, and any important changes about the information relating to them.

    You should not write in full sentences, and you should not try to record every piece of information. Listen for key words and key ideas and note these carefully.

    Strangely enough, I sometimes find it effective to imagine myself as giving the information, not receiving it, or to imagine myself as one of the speakers in a dialogue.

    I often contract common words when I am writing in a hurry. If you do this as well, it can save you time. Be careful that you do not confuse yourself with contractions though.

    Learn to rule out immaterial information, but be careful, recordings for language learning can sometimes deliberately mislead you as in the famous example-

    A bus holding 17 passengers came to a stop and let off 2 passengers while 6 got on. At the next stop 4 passengers disembarked while 2 got on. At the next stop two more passengers got on, while eight got off.

    How many stops did the bus make?

    Or something Equally silly like-

    Her which was red, which had been spotted in a market in Italy by her grandmother twenty years ago and then passed down through the family from one sibling to the other without any real knowledge of where it had come from or its significance, was lost.

    What color was the sweater?

    Imagine listening to these "gems" as recordings and having to answer the questions.

    You could also do some note taking in your native language just to get the hang of it, watch a news report and see how much useful detail you can record from a half-hour program. Note-taking is a skill that is separate from basic language ability and must be developed separately.

    There are also several good websites with information on the subject, but the only ones I know of are in English.

    This one seems to be fairly simple though-

    http://,9369,1479597-,00 .html

    (remove the spaces)

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