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    gives up the ghost

    What do you really mean by gives up the ghost?

    * I read in the Bible that Jesus gave up the ghost on the cross. He died.

    * Here is one example from :

    Economics required George Bush to give up the ghost on what was a campaign pledge.

    Explanation :
    If someone gives up the ghost, they stop trying to do something because they no longer believe they can do it successfully ...

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    Re: gives up the ghost

    "To give up the ghost" means to die. If you're talking about an inanimate object, it means to stop working.

    For example:

    My computer gave up the ghost last month.

    After a long struggle with cancer, she gave up the ghost.

    Possible origin: The Bible.

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    Re: gives up the ghost

    Quote Originally Posted by boothling View Post

    Possible origin: The Bible.
    Probably. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone told me that Christianity wasn't the first religion to make a link between spirit and respiration [when Christ 'gave up the ghost' he stopped breathing].


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