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    He's been on the booze?

    Hello Everyone,

    He's been on the booze (=drinking too much alcohol) for five days

    The above sentence is from Longman online dictionary.

    Does it mean" He has been drunk or intoxicated for five days"?

    Thanks and Best Regards


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    Re: He's been on the booze?

    [CAUTION: I am not a teacher:take the advice and or corrections offered in this post at your own risk.
    If you doubt the information, please get a qualified opinion from one of the teachers on these forums.]

    The way you write it, with a specific time "for five days" suggests that he has bee in varying states of drunkeness for five days.

    However, if you use a more general time period, it could just mean that he has had the habit of constant excessive drinking, and not that he has been constantly drunk as in-

    "He's been on the booze for years now."


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