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    from the height of her purity

    I've seen a lot of examples of the expression from the height of ... in older books, and I sort of understand the gist of it, but since the expression, or anything similar to it, doesn't really exist in my native language I'm having difficulties translating it properly. Is the expression "archaic" or is it still used? Is there a modern equivalent? Comments, please! Perhaps a rewrite!?

    "Poor Julia!" Charity sighed from the height of her purity and her


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    Re: from the height of her purity

    What may be slightly archaic (I'm not sure about this - maybe what I mean is just 'literary') is the possessive pronoun. But 'the height of' is perfectly current, especially in collocations like 'the height of arrogance', 'the height of stupidity', 'the height of insolence'...


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