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    Question Writing the date

    I need a refresher on how to properly write the date. When should the date be followed by 'th' ? I know there is a rule but I can't remenber it
    Is there one more formal or common way to write it?

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    Re: Writing the date

    To write the date you have to think of the corresponding ordinal number to the day:

    1║ - first
    2║ - second
    3║ - third
    4║ - fourth
    5║ - fifth

    Most of the ordinal numbers end in -th, except 1║ (st), 2║ (nd), 3║ (rd) and every other ordinal number ending in 1, 2 or 3 (21║, 42, 93 etc).

    Exceptions to this rule are:
    11║ - eleventh
    12║ - twelfth
    13║ - thirteenth

    So when you write the date, you write the number + th/st/nd/rd (day) and then the month, for example:

    1st September
    2nd September
    3rd September
    4th September
    11th September
    21st September

    I hope it helps. Good luck!

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