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    My 7th grade straight "A" student is finding things more challenging in her language arts this year.She write an essay and got alot counted aginst her grade for punctuation and spelling.I want to help, but I am not real great either of those.
    I told her that a comma was a connector. That whaen she had the word "and" in the middle of a sentance that she should put a comma in front of it.I explaned that if she didn't that she would have a run on sentance.Was I correct in telling her this?

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    Re: comma

    You were right in a way. It's the conjunction and that's a connector. The comma is a separator.

    The general rule of thumb is to add a comma only if and joins two sentences (a sentence has two things: a subject and a predicate. A predicate is everything that comes after the subject). If one of the sentences is missing its subject, then don't use a comma.
    1. Alice read the book, and she saw the movie. comma

    2. Alice read the book and saw the movie. no comma
    Alice and she are the subjects in 1. That sentence has two subjects, which means it has two clauses, so a comma is generally added before and, not after it. In example 2., there is only one subject, Alice, so a comma is not added.

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