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    Difference between Seek and Want

    Dear all,

    could you please tell me the difference between seek and want.


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    Re: Difference between Seek and Want

    seek (s?k)

    v., sought (sôt), seek·ing, seeks.
    To try to locate or discover; search for.
    To endeavor to obtain or reach: seek a college education.
    To go to or toward: Water seeks its own level.
    To inquire for; request: seek directions from a police officer.
    To try; endeavor: seek to do good.
    Obsolete. To explore.

    To make a search or investigation: Seek and you will find.

    [Middle English sechen, seken, from Old English s?can.]

    want (w?nt, wônt)

    v., want·ed, want·ing, wants.
    To desire greatly; wish for: They want to leave. She wants a glass of water. See synonyms at desire.
    To desire (someone to do something): I want you to clean your room.
    To request the presence or assistance of: You are wanted by your office.
    To seek with intent to capture: The fugitive is wanted by the police.
    To have an inclination toward; like: Say what you want, but be tactful.
    Informal. To be obliged (to do something): You want to be careful on the ice.
    To be without; lack. See synonyms at lack.
    To be in need of; require: ??Your hair wants cutting,? said the Hatter? (Lewis Carroll).
    To have need: wants for nothing.
    To be destitute or needy.
    To be disposed; wish: Call me daily if you want.

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