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    Smile Apology to all the Moderators and Teachers.

    Dear Moderators and Teachers,

    I am terribly sorry, if I have been quite annoying to you. I fully realize my mistake, and admit it. I know you are volunteers here and will help if you feel like and when you feel like. Itís morally wrong to urge you to help me urgently. But I would like you to know the reason why I made urgent, urgent requests. Unfortunately, the education system is quite dishonest where I live. Teachers possess quite a rude attitude towards students. They donít teach a lot, but encumber the students with tons of homework-assignments. If, during a class, a student dares raise his hand to ask the questions rolling in his mind, he is scolded and seated back. Now, he has no options but to hire a private tutor. The private tutor is approachable but unluckily not that qualified. Now you tell me where there this kind system prevails how can a student learn English? Every teacher comes up with a new grammar, and denies others. Students are provided with bundles of study notes, they memorize them and try to reproduce the same in order to ace the exams. They totally forget they are learning a language. However if, by chance, a sincere, devoted and well-qualified teacher comes, heís either very expensive, or doesnít know how to teach, or disrespected by others, and told to keep pace with the prevailed system. The concept of learning English is limited schools and institutes only, and Iíve just told you whatís unfortunately the concept like. In colleges and universities, they say ďYou have grown up now.Ē The students are just given topics to write compositions on. Now, the question is ďHow can they write a composition, when havenít been acquainted with the right grammar?Ē Anyway, they, despite all this, bend over backwards to get through the assignments, submit them, and get them back with a lot red marking. Anyway, you will be tired of wading thru the issue, but it will perhaps never end.

    I hope you would have understood my problems, and will accept my apology.

    Thank you,

    Great Regards,
    Asad Hussain

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    Re: Apology to all the Moderators and Teachers.

    Thank you, Asad.

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