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    depths of mournful tolerance

    I'd like a comment on the meaning of a sense of depths of mournful tolerance below, especially the phrase mournful tolerance.

    "You and me have spoke some hard things to each other in our time,
    Charity; and there's no good that I can see in any more talking now. But
    I'll never feel any way but one about you; and if you say so we'll drive
    down in time to catch that train, and go straight to the minister's
    house; and when you come back home you'll come as Mrs. Royall."

    His voice had the grave persuasive accent that had moved his hearers at
    the Home Week festival; she had a sense of depths of mournful tolerance
    under that easy tone. Her whole body began to tremble with the dread of
    her own weakness.

    "Oh, I can't----" she burst out desperately.


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    Re: depths of mournful tolerance

    "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do" - that's mournful tolerance The speaker puts up with something, but regrets the fact that he has to.



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